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Wenn einer das Prädikat “Global Player” verdient, dann er. Seit über 25 Jahren spielt Pascal FEOS den ganz individuellen Stil seiner Musik in den angesagtesten Clubs von Frankfurt, Tokyo über New York bis Ibiza. Seine Vielfältigkeit im Musikbusiness unterstreicht er sowohl als Produzent diverser Projekte, als Labelbesitzer und auch als Remixer, wo er schon bei etlichen Größen des internationalen Musikgeschäfts sein Können unter Beweis stellen konnte.



LAST releases.

Departed 2 Return Vol. 2 Release 2013

Departed 2 Return Vol. 2
Release 2013

Departed 2 Return Vol. 1 Release 2013

Departed 2 Return Vol. 1
Release 2013


The brainchild of German DJ Pascal FEOS, levelNONzero is further evidence of an indisputable fact: if it's underground sounds you're after, Germany is still the place to be. The label continues to go from strength to strength, with an impressive list of multifaceted/eclectic Dj's/producers joining the levelNONzero team. And when do, they're in good company. 

Pascal has earned his stripes over the past 25 years courtesy of an array of impressive releases and high profile gigs in some of the worlds most notorious clubs, be it Ageha/Tokio, Space/Ibiza, Robert Johnson/Offenbach or Watergate/Berlin.

Scanning the list of artists who've released for levelNONzero, it seems he's been doing an impressive recruitment job so far. Guido Schneider, Marc Miroir, Frank Leicher, D.Diggler, Robag Wruhme, Matt Star, Robert Dietz, just to name a few, have all added their creative touch to the imprint in recent times. 

Techno, tech-house,'ll find them all on levelNONzero on one condition of course- that it rocks the shit out of the dancefloor. That, like their productions, is indeed sweet music to the ears.




FEOS Booking. 




2x Pioneer CDJ2000 or CDJ2000 Nexus - they need to be linked - no other models possible

1 x Pioneer DJM 800 or DJM 900 Nexus - No Allen & Heath mixers except DB4 or Xone 4D

2 x Monitor Speakers

minimum height of mixing desk: 1,10 m

high quality sound system

a Bottle of Still Water